The e-Learning Teacher Fellowship programme was established by
the New Zealand Ministry of Education in 2003. Each year, a group
of educators are given release time from the classroom and support
to research an aspect of their innovative e-learning practice.

Claire Amos Developing literacy through the use of blogs and online communities in English
Tia Fraser Connecting to picture books through student video dramatisations
Robyn Hurliman Collaborative storytelling using blogs
Marion Lumley Looking at the the learning dispositions demonstrated by literacy learners engaged in e-Learning groups
Virginia Mitchell Retelling and sharing stories using web 2.0 tools - Ginny’s Journey
Helen Rennie-Younger Sharing multimedia student stories via blogging
Deidre Senior Blogging to enhance reading enjoyment of reluctant readers
Marilyn Small Producing content for regional TV station
Sue Smith Engaging writers through interactive game Myst
(NOTE: Sue was selected as an eFellow for 2009 but was involved in a car accident which prevented her from completing her project. There is an outline of her partially completed project on her wiki worth reading)
Esmay Sutherland Working with students as they write short narratives about a character and sharing their stories as a movie


2009 E-fellows and support team - left to right - Sally (NZCER), Ginny, Tia, Marion, Sue, Claire, Esmay,
Deidre, Helen, Gina (CORE), Marilyn, Robyn, Sue (NZCER), Vince (CORE), Michael (CORE)

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